For more than a decade, Mobile Epiphany has dedicated itself to become the world's leading process-to-mobile application company. We provide a code-free, highly customizable solution for our customers in record time.

Every business has unique challenges in streamlining their processes and reducing their cost. Mobile Epiphany never loses sight of this objective. Our innovative Rapid Application Configuration (RAC) platform allows us to help organizations solve their most complex operational challenges and pain points. Most importantly, our approach to rapid implementation allows our customers to start solving their problems quickly.


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"All businesses today are looking for agile and business-specific solutions to enhance their efficiency and their bottom line. Today’s hurry-up business environment demands rapid delivery of these solutions. Everything we build here at Mobile Epiphany, from our core technology to the business-specific solutions we deliver are laser-focused on these requirements."

— Wes Holliman, CTO Mobile Epiphany.

Rapid Application Configuration (RAC) is the cutting-edge technology developed by Mobile Epiphany to quickly respond to our customers' unique business challenges.

Imagine all the coding that’s required for business-related processes have been pre-coded into lego-like configuration blocks. When customers come to us to solve their business challenges, from tracking hundreds of thousands of assets to streamlining and standardizing the efficiency of the manufacturing process – we collaborate and identify the appropriate sequence and combination of blocks to produce a customized mobile solution. RAC significantly reduces the time of development and allow us to focus on what really matters to our customers; fixing their problems. Not only can we configure the application rapidly, but we also provide training to our customers so they can make future adjustment themselves.

Our technology allows us to help businesses from all industries solve their unique challenges by guiding their users through complex processes, collecting vital data and generating actionable and insightful reports. Industries including oil and gas, general manufacturing, complex government regulation compliance and beyond, Mobile Epiphany's RAC is embedded in every solution and ensures a fast implementation turnaround as well as easy access to flexible modification in the future as needed. Everything built in the RAC platform is future-proof.

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" Mobile Epiphany's business analysts got together with our management to design a mobile application that allows us to track an unbelievable number of parts and heavy equipment rebuild processes. We didn’t think it would be possible. Now we know where all our parts and all our rebuild projects are at any time. "

— Mike Hulse, Cashman Equipment Co. (Caterpillar CRC)

In addition to solving unique enterprise-level challenges, Mobile Epiphany also produces fully standardized industry-specific mobile applications under the brand KrinkleApps®. Leveraging Mobile Epiphany's RAC platform, Krinkle apps are turn-key, off-the-shelf products, tailored to solve industry-specific challenges such as LDAR compliance, engine rebuild process tracking, asset and inventory tracking, post-disaster debris removal and damage assessment, just to name a few. The RAC platform allows Krinkle apps to maintain flexibility and adaptability when changes are required by these industries. Krinkle apps are also designed with the every-day users in mind by being simple to learn and simple to use.

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