We provide powerful and flexible mobile applications for a broad range of Government organizations and entity requirements. Solutions for asset tracking, data collection,
inspections and reporting!

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Asset Tracking

  • Case Records
  • Confiscated Items
  • Crime Scenes
  • Environmental Health Safety
  • GIS Connectivity
  • Land Management
  • Licensing
  • Resource Management
  • Vehicles

Data Collection

  • Accidents/Incidents/Crimes
  • Case Records
  • DOT and EPA Compliance
  • Forms
  • Hazmat Disposal
  • Spreadsheets
  • Waste Treatment


  • Animal Control
  • Code Enforcement
  • Dept. of Transportation
  • Facility
  • Human Services Visits
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks and Recreation


  • Automate Reports
  • Access Audit Reports
  • Case Records
  • Compliance/Regulatory
  • General
  • Organization Specific
  • Trending


These Mobile Epiphany solutions are the mobile answer to today’s modern needs. They can be used for all asset tracking, data collection, forms, inspections and other processes and workflows.

Partner Solutions

Zebra Technologies

ChildFirst for
Child and Family Services

This robust mobile app cuts through cumbersome paper processes and removes the need for repetitive data entry.