We provide powerful and friendly mobile applications for responding to and mitigating the impact of disasters. Our two primary applications are focused on Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDA) and Automated Debris Management Systems (ADMS).  The applications were created to specifically conform to FEMA processes.

Process Visibility

  • Geospatial Marking and Tracking
  • Time Stamped Inspections
  • Role-Based Security and Permissions
  • Real-Time Data Updates

Data Collection

  • Guide the User Type through the Process
  • Incorporates FEMA Procedures
  • Capture Photos, Signatures and More
  • Role-Based Logins
  • Secure
  • Automatically Synchronizes Data with Central Database


  • Automate Reports
  • Out of the Box Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Sort, Filter, Query and Export Data
  • Audit-Friendly

Emergency Solutions

Thanks to the subject-matter experts at FEMA, these solutions align to the policies behind FEMA 325 and FEMA 326. With these standards built in, deployment to the field can be done confidently and immediately.