Enterprise-Class Mobile Applications

Create mobile solutions to empower your workforce using our fast, flexible, and code-free platform.

Data Collection

Collect single/multi-pick answers, hierarchical pick lists, Yes/No, True/False, Date/Time, add unformatted data, present informational data, signatures, math calculations, branching logic, guided/non-guided workflow, automated form flow

Reference Documents

Easily access documents related to any asset, process, or form:
Pictures, engineering drawings. Instructions and reference material.
Files can be opened and reviewed with a single touch.
All file formats are supported, including: Excel,.pdf,.jpg,.mp4,.wav,.dwg floor plans and more.

Media Input

Captures photos and videos, edit photos, and capture signatures.

Search Capabilities

Users can look up any asset or prior inspections to which they have permission.
Look up assets by any attribute such GPS position, barcode, name, address, etc.

Geospatial Tracking

of Assets and Work.
Map, look up and locate assets and work by proximity. Worker accountability: track every user interaction with GPS tagging and time stamping - "Work Curmbing". Easily reference which user completed what, where, and when.

Store and Forward

Users have access to the application regardless of internet connection.
Data updated bi-directionally when a connection is established.
A local copy of relevant data remains on your device, keeping what you need at your fingertips.

The RAC tools

The set of tools to configure your applications to present the appropriate user access, processes, forms, data, screen types, graphic images and run powerful reports.

App Builder

Used to build and configure mobile applications, processes, and eForms by assembling pre-configured building blocks. Create application flow rules and form flow rules on devices. Modifications made in App Builder run within Touch Mobile on mobile devices and desktop PCs.

Security Manager

Complete security administration. This tool assigns permissions, distributes relevant subsets of data to applicable user groups and creates and deploys custom home screens for individual users and user groups.

Server Workflow

Used to define the auto triggering of emails or reports to individuals and groups, data objects, work orders based on the data and conditions returning to the server from field users.

Data Importer

Allows mass imports of parent assets and data related to entire departments and users. Upload important organization data to deploy throughout your system.

Data Explorer

Gain access to review and edit live data and query and create ad hoc reports. Form data, asset property data, as well as all metadata is collected in Data Explorer. Data can easily be reviewed, filtered, sorted and exported to other tools (Excel, reporting engines, etc.) for further analysis. Correct and/or update data to devices running Touch Mobile in near real time.

Report Manager

Powerful cloud-based mobile reporting via in-app, PC or web browser. Request reports from virtually anywhere in the world. Our cloud reporting database is compatible with all major and standard reporting tools such as Microsoft Report Builder. SSRS based and the inclusion of a custom report designer (MS SQL reporting tool). All reports can be requested and saved in a multitude of formats, including but not limited to: PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, image files, text files, etc.

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RAC Features

  • Runs on a variety of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad (iOS), Android, Windows and Blackberry devices
  • Online or offline operation. Work offline, bi-directional synchronization occurs once a connection to the network is re-established.
  • Asset-centric view of the world – assets, and forms are independent of the database layer but fully related in regards to parent/child relationship
  • Apps are easy to learn and understand thus accelerating adoption and greatly reducing training requirements
  • Fully secure with AES-256 encryption on device and SSL encryption in the transmission
  • Automated workflow system can trigger complex actionable items such as email and workflows from the server to a user’s device including single and multi-user sequential processes and multi-user parallel processes
  • Automate work orders, auto-trigger emails, notifications, reports, etc. based on set criteria as it is collected
  • Full cloud-based enterprise reporting, users have the ability to request and run customized reports
  • Run a multitude of reports on PC, in a web browser or within Touch Mobile
  • Report Manager allows you to save reports in a multitude of formats including PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, image files, text files, etc.
  • Schedule and automatically deliver reports
  • Custom report designer tool to tailor each report to exactly what each user or group requires
  • Pre-populate forms with existing system data, only add data as needed
  • Set rules in forms and processes
  • Branching logic, math calculations, intelligent forms and data capture
  • Capture and access information when devices are online or offline
  • Lookup historical inspections, assets and related data
  • Lookup by attribute, barcode, direct part mark or GPS location
  • Lookup documents, manuals and diagrams on the device and have certain docs associated with proper assets and/or users (Word, Excel, PDF, DWG, etc.)
  • Associate pictures with assets and inspections
  • GPS tracking of assets such as location-based work orders or location-based assets
  • GPS tracking of work as performed by the workforce, data, time and GPS stamping – collected as metadata with full reporting capabilities
  • Manipulate photos, rotate, crop and sketch directly on them while maintaining original (iOS and Android), review and edit images any time
  • Integration ready to communicate with your existing corporate systems of all types
  • SaaS or on-premise, the server technology is completely transportable
  • Compatible with common database reporting and data transfer tools
  • Data entered into any device or a PC is viewable system-wide in near real-time (as soon as a connection is active)
  • Apply customized graphical user interface to apps
  • Use different languages, change the color scheme, add customized icons, remove buttons or change button labels
  • Customizable photo thumbnail views for quick access to records
  • Apply logos, corporate images, and language specific to your organization
  • A code-free suite of tools with unique Graphical User Interface enables your non-technical users or Mobile Epiphany to rapidly convert forms, processes and organization knowledge into mobile applications
  • Rapid Application Creation (RAC) building-block approach allows for app creation and deployment at a fraction of the time and cost of other traditional development options
  • Incremental app publishing for development and testing – push app updates to certain users or groups for beta testing before full rollout workforce
  • Revision control and change history for app updates
  • Simple data importation tools for rapid system seeding
  • Security tools provide a mechanism for the user to see only components and/or data within the app that is relevant to user’s role
  • Customize mobile layouts for different users, groups, and tasks
  • Creation of custom user roles and permissions
  • Authorization of ‘departmental’ Administrators with limited permissions
  • Task assignment for specific departments or branches