Process Discovery Workshop

– What is our process now? How can it improve?

Process Flow Diagram Creation

– Is this process more than just a simple form? Should we create a visual depiction of where we are going?

Application Creation

– Mobile Epiphany experts can get it done fast, or show you how.

Report and Query Creation

– What output is needed, who needs to see what?

System Integration Analysis and Implementation

– What is the most simplistic and cost-effective option to share data?

Feature Creation

– If by chance we don’t have it, it is highly probable we can add it for you.

Project, Program and Adoption Management

– Your resources are tight but your vision needs to be efficiently managed and implemented and adoption is critical.

Platform Training for Developers

– Show your team how to quickly create applications.

Platform Training for Administrators

– Who should be making the occasional system administration changes?

Platform Administration

– We have a small shop, please make the administration changes for us as needed.

End User Training

– The application is intuitive, but occasionally a few minutes of initial training is beneficial.

End User Help Desk and Support

– The office is closed, IT is gone, I need help.