While Windows Mobile development and support ended back in 2010, Windows Phone support has recently ended as of December 2019. This marks an abrupt end of all support for all windows mobile operating systems. Users of these mobile operating system are no longer eligible to receive security updates, product updates and non-security hot fixes. An even greater risk that this presents is that the developers, support organizations and innovators of software in these legacy operating systems have long moved on to iOS and Android. This has presented a huge challenge to businesses who have made significant investments and built operational infrastructure on Windows’ many mobile operating systems.

Over the last 20 years, businesses in industries like manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, warehousing and many more, have relied heavily on Windows’ mobile operating system for their day-to-day business operations. Windows Mobile’s discontinued support and practically absent ecosystem presents a major dilemma to these companies who have to either continue using mobile applications on an outdated and unsupported operating system, or build a new app for Android or iOS. However, these companies are concerned with the cost and time required to code their own custom software on these current operating systems. Fast and inexpensive implementation is just as critical as ease of use, because the training period required for new software adoption must not decrease operational efficiency. Ultimately, these factors result in companies feeling like they’ve been left out to dry and are now stuck without any good options. Luckily, they’re not.

The Mobile Epiphany platform can rapidly re-create (and vastly improve upon!) any enterprise’s mobile applications and quickly integrate into their existing system of record. Every mobile application made in the platform is automatically compatible with all modern Android and iOS devices. Additionally, their platform is regularly maintained for operating system updates. Mobile Epiphany has distinguished itself from its competitors through its code-free, rapid application configuration (RAC) technology. This allows them to develop and implement mobile applications faster and more cost-effectively than any other approach.

Mobile Epiphany also designed its user interface with end users in mind, making their software incredibly easy to learn and use. Buttons are large to accommodate all users, even those who are hindered by wearing bulky gloves while working. Together, these features effectively address the cost, time and ease of adoption concerns Windows Mobile users have when considering building a new app for today’s leading mobile operating systems.

If your company is struggling with this operating system transition, give Mobile Epiphany a call. For more than a decade, Mobile Epiphany has dedicated itself to become the world’s leading process-to-mobile application company. They have extensive experience helping enterprises migrate their legacy applications to modern platforms. If you’re interested in learning more about Mobile Epiphany and their technology, click here.