“There are more than 166,000 Colorado children living in poverty. Children living in poverty are more likely to be in poor health, less likely to graduate high school on time and are more likely to live in poverty as adults” according to the Colorado charity, A Precious Child. These insights are what drove Founder and CEO of A Precious Child, Carina Martin, to start her non-profit over a decade ago. A Precious Child handles an enormous scope of work, providing clothing, toiletries, school supplies, educational opportunities, extracurricular activities and other essential resources to children and their families struggling with poverty. In 2017 alone, A Precious Child served over 44,000 children providing them with over $10 Million worth of essentials through their various programs. While these results are fantastic and desperately needed, A Precious Child continues to grow as do the business challenges that they face.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, A Precious Child is required to publicly report the donations that they receive and the items they give out. With over 440 Agency Partners throughout Colorado as well as a massive central collecting, sorting, and shipping facility, manually tracking the incoming and outgoing assets between all of these locations becomes a painstaking and time-consuming task. Currently, A Precious Child is using clipboards, pen/paper, and tags to organize and track their entire inventory. However, Carina recognized the business challenges this methodology presented, which prompted her to seek out help. She found it from 2 Colorado companies who were already partnered in large inventory tracking systems. The consulting group, Perficient and the company that owns and builds the Krinkle Brand of mobile apps, Mobile Epiphany.

Mobile Epiphany specializes in developing business process automation software with its Rapid Application Configuration (RAC) platform. RAC allows Mobile Epiphany to develop mobile solutions without needing to write code, effectively addressing business challenges quickly and cost-effectively. This technology combined with Mobile Epiphany’s proven field success is what initially led Perficient to seek out Mobile Epiphany’s assistance. After speaking with Carina and learning more about A Precious Child’s business process, Mobile Epiphany volunteered its services and software to the charity and agreed to help develop a mobile application to track all of their assets and ensure 501(c)(3) compliance.

“After speaking with Carina, I quickly realized the importance of A Precious Child’s mission and wanted to help. I could tell that Carina was an incredibly compassionate and hardworking person, and I love the positive change she’s making in our community,” stated Krinkle’s Sr. Business Analyst, Dr. Glenn Kletzky.

After a series of discovery and process flow discussions, Mobile Epiphany successfully designed a process to solve A Precious Child’s asset tracking and compliance challenges. The app is currently being built and will be deployed sometime in 2020. If you’re interested in learning more about Mobile Epiphany’s technology, you can do so by clicking here.