Touch Mobile Components

Your Processes in Your App

We developed a break-through invention called Rapid Application Configuration. Avoid long and tedious development cycles by using our suite of building blocks to quickly create customized solutions from the simplest of forms to the most complex processes. With our robust enterprise-class back-end tools and the ability to fully brand your application, Touch Mobile will mobilize your workforce in ways never thought possible.


Touch Mobile  On Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry Devices

There’s no need to develop applications from scratch, some already exist! Touch Mobile is the software that runs on a wide variety of mobile devices and PCs. Our Touch Mobile User Console provides components to configure your applications to present the appropriate user access, processes, forms, data, screen types, graphic images and run powerful reports.

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App Builder

Used to build and configure mobile applications, processes, and eForms by assembling pre-configured building blocks. Create application flow rules and form flow rules on devices. Modifications made in App Builder run within Touch Mobile on mobile devices and desktop PCs.


Security Manager

Complete security administration. This tool assigns permissions, distributes relevant subsets of data to applicable user groups and creates and deploys custom home screens for individual users and user groups.

Workflow 256x256

Server Workflow

Used to define the auto triggering of emails or reports to individuals and groups, data objects, work orders based on the data and conditions returning to the server from field users.


Data Importer

Allows mass imports of parent assets and data related to entire departments and users. Upload important organization data to deploy throughout your system.

ReportManager 255x255

Report Manager

Powerful cloud-based mobile reporting via in-app, PC or web browser. Request reports from virtually anywhere in the world. Our cloud reporting database is compatible with all major and standard reporting tools such as Microsoft Report Builder. SSRS based and the inclusion of a custom report designer (MS SQL reporting tool). All reports can be requested and saved in a multitude of formats, including but not limited to: PDF, XLS, XLSX, HTML, image files, text files, etc.


Data Explorer

Gain access to review and edit live data and query and create ad hoc reports. Form data, asset property data, as well as all metadata is collected in Data Explorer. Data can easily be reviewed, filtered, sorted and exported to other tools (Excel, reporting engines, etc.) for further analysis. Correct and/or update data to devices running Touch Mobile in near real time.