Our Company


Mobile Epiphany is the proud creator of Touch Mobile, a revolutionary mobile application platform.

Mobile Epiphany is headquartered a few miles east of Denver in Aurora, Colorado. We are a team of incredibly sharp, hardworking individuals who love Colorado and all it has to offer. We believe that dedication and commitment lead to innovative ideas and superior execution. We also know that hard work pays off.

We’re absolutely committed to creating game changing software and solutions for our clients. We are a perfect fit for organizations that have processes that can be optimized by leveraging mobile devices. Whether it is a simple form for inspections, the desire to better manage your assets, or the need to automate incredibly complex processes, we have a solution for you.

Our Mission

Mobile Epiphany is a company dedicated to solving problems. What other companies may view as limitations or restrictions, we welcome as challenges to overcome. We believe that in almost every interface, there are improvements to be found, and we strive to identify and implement them to improve our customer’s work experience. This includes not only mastering existing devices and technology, but also looking ahead, understanding trends, and being prepared for the technology of tomorrow.


Our Leadership Team

Glenn Kletzky, Business Analyst & Founder

Glenn obtained a Biomedical Engineering degree from the Tulane University School of Engineering in New Orleans, where he graduated magna cum laude. He then went on to complete medical school at the Tulane University School of Medicine. After training as an Anesthesiology Resident at the University of Miami, he became Chief Resident at Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1996. He went on to have a vigorous private practice in Denver Colorado.
During his sixth year of private practice in 1999, Glenn started a software quality assurance and testing company called iBeta, which grew to over 100 employees in its second year and is still thriving today. Glenn eventually left his medical practice to run iBeta full time. As a passionate software designer himself with a love for the best-of-breed interfaces which video game technology inspires, Glenn and his team have designed and developed a breakthrough concept in user friendly, highly configurable, geospatial mobile applications for companies ranging from the largest of enterprises to the smallest of start ups.

Earl Wing, Chief Financial Officer

Earl has worked with computers since he began programming on a Challenger 2P. In the early 80’s, Earl ran a bulletin board system from an Apple II with four floppy drives. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA with an emphasis in finance, Earl worked in private investment management and began developing and investing in real estate. In 1999, Earl co-founded iBeta as an independent lab specializing in software and hardware testing.
Whether it is a building taking shape or a piece of software developing into a breakthrough concept design, Earl has a passion for seeing ideas become reality.

Wes Holliman, Chief Technology Officer

Wes received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. He began programming professionally as a consultant while earning his degree. After earning his degree, he spent over 12 years working as a Software Engineer in various industries designing and maintaining scalable, high volume transactional systems.
In joining Mobile Epiphany, Wes brings years of experience needed to drive the platform forward.